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International mobile communication service

User's guide book


Important! Calls are made using the “call back” technology, i.e. outgoing call is replaced with an incoming one.

After dialing the number and pressing the “Call” button (green handset), the message “Wait for call” (wait for the incoming call) will appear on the phone's display. After a few seconds you will receive an incoming call. Pick up the receiver, wait for the answer of the other person and talk.

How to Start?

· Insert the SIM card into your mobile phone (as indicated in your mobile phone's user manual).

· Turn on your mobile phone and, if necessary, enter PIN 1 code (indicated on your SIM card).

· After entering the PIN 1 code and registering the SIM card on the network, you can immediately use the communication services. Confirmation of registration of your SIM card will result in the appearance of a symbol(the signal strength of the cellular network at the current location. The higher the bar of the indicator, the stronger the signal).

How to Call?

1. Dial the number of the desired subscriber in the international format [+ or 00, country code and subscriber number] and press the “Call” key.

2. You will see a message: “Wait for Call” on the display of the phone.

3. Wait for the incoming call, click on the “Call” key again and wait for connection with the called subscriber.

What to do if you cannot call?

If the model of your phone does not support automatic callback (usually those are smartphones running by Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, IOS (iPhone) platforms), in the phone menu, select SIM Menu > Settings > Activate service and in the field “Enter service code”, enter the code 1221, and click OK. To reset the settings, enter 0000 in the same field and press OK.

If, after entering the specified code, your phone does not yet support automatic callback, try making a call in manual mode. To do this, dial the number of the subscriber called in the following order: *146*00 country code the number of the called subscriber# and then press the “Call” key, wait for the incoming call, press the “Call” key again and wait for connection with the called subscriber.

In the event that none of the above operations helped you to use the Service, contact the Technical Support Service (see the section “How to Contact the Technical Support Service”).

How to Send and Receive SMS?

To send SMS, the number must be dialed in international format [+ or 00, country code and subscriber's number].

Instructions for sending SMS of a reduced cost can be found in the section “SIM Menu > How to send SMS from the SIM menu?”.

Receiving SMS messages is carried out in normal mode.

How to Top up the SIM Card Balance?

You can recharge your SIM-card balance here.

The balance of the SIM card can also be topped up by transferring the balance from another SIM card . To do this, dial the code *146*89*3712ххххххх*XXX# on the phone from the SIM card of which you want to transfer the balance, and press the “Call” key.

3712ххххххх is the number of the SIM card to which you want to transfer the balance;

XXXX is the amount you want to transfer. You do not need to specify currency; the transfer will be made in the currency of the “giving” card.


The sum should not contain the signs “.” and “,”. Examples:

amount of 0,01 = 001

amount of 1 = 100

amount of 1,01 = 101

If the amount is successfully transferred, a message will appear on the screen indicating that the transfer is completed. The receiving subscriber will not receive a message stating that his or her balance has been topped up. You can check it by checking the balance via the SIM Menu or using the code 099 (see the section “How to check balance”).

SIM Menu

SIM Menu is an application that allows you taking fully advantage of the SIM card options. With it, you can to:

1. check the balance;

2. find out the cost of the call;

3. send SMS at a reduced fixed cost;

4. find out the connection number;

5. contact the Technical Support Service.

Where is the SIM Menu in the phone?

· IOS (iPhone) → Menu → Settings → Phone → Sim Application

· Windows Mobile 6.5. → START → SIM Menu

· Blackberry → Menu → Setup → SIM Menu

· Android → Programs → SIM Menu

· Symbian → Menu → SIM Menu

>> How to check the balance?

You can find out the status of SIM card balance in two ways:

· select Menu > SIM Menu > Check balance. Your phone will automatically send a request and after a few seconds you will receive information about the balance status of your SIM card.

· dial 099 and press the “Call” key.

>> How to get to know the cost of a call?

To find out the cost of a call to a specific number, select Menu > SIM Menu > Check rate, in the field “Enter destination number”, enter the number of the subscriber (in international format), the cost of the call you want to know and press OK.

>> How to send SMS from the SIM menu?

With this option you have the opportunity to send SMS of reduced cost from any country in any direction.

To send SMS, select Menu > SIM Menu > Send SMS, in the field “Enter destination number”, enter the number of the subscriber (in international format), to whom you want to send SMS and press OK. In the field “Enter message”, enter message text and press OK.

>> How to get to know the connection number?

To find out the connection number assigned to you, select Menu > SIM Menu > Show my numbers and press OK. After a few seconds, your assigned connection number (or a list of numbers assigned to you, if you are assigned several connection numbers) will appear on the screen of your phone.

>> How to contact the Technical Support Service?

You can contact the Technical Support Service for free in any of the ways (even if you do not have a SIM card balance):

1) Calling the Technical Support Service (Mon-Fri from 9am to 6 pm, or leaving a message on the answering machine out of this time):

· to the mobile number: +371 2222 0000;

· dialing the short code 096 and pressing the “Call” key;

· via the SIM MENU of the phone: Select SIM MENU > Settings > Customer Care, wait for the incoming call, press the “Call” key and wait for the connection with the Technical Support Service.

2) By sending SMS from the SIM Menu to the technical support number: +371 2222 0000.

3) By writing to e-mail:

Additional Services

>> “Call Me Back” service

If the balance on the card is run out, the “Call Me Back” service gives you the opportunity to send a message to a subscriber of any mobile operator with a request to call you back.

The service is free of charge and does not require connection or additional settings..

In order to ask the subscriber to call you back, dial the command *146*90*00 country code phone number# on your phone and press the “Call” key. You will receive information on your phone screen that the message was sent.

The subscriber you are requesting to call you will receive SMS with the text “This subscriber does not have enough money to call. Please call back” on your behalf.

For convenience, add the command *146*90*00 country code phone number# in your phonebook. If necessary, just select the required entry from the address book.

Important! The “Call Me Back” service can be used no more than 5 times a day (by day we understand a time interval of 24 hours).

>> “Call Forwarding” service

With the help of the “Call Forwarding” service, you can set up on the SIM card forwarding of all incoming calls to any phone number: city, mobile, intercity or international.

Call forwarding is charged according to the tariffs as an incoming call in the country the forwarded number belongs to. If there is a country number with free incoming calls, forwarding (if the number is inaccessible) is free of charge.

Activating and deactivating the “Call Forwarding service”

The “Call Forwarding” service can be activated using your mobile phone. To do this, dial the command *146*902* country code phone number# and press the “Call” key.

Example: *146*902*37121000000#, where 37121000000 is the number the incoming call will be forwarded to.

To deactivate the service, type the same command *146*902* country code phone number# and press the “Call” key. The service is deactivated.

>> “Data transmission/GPRS” service

* Before connecting the service, make sure that your phone supports the data transmission service.

To use this service, do the following:

1. Activate the “Data transmission/GPRS” service.

· To activate the service, dial 903 (or *146*903#) on your phone and press the “Call” key. The service is activated.

· To deactivate the service, dial the same code 903 (or *146*903#) and press the “Call” key. The service is deactivated.

2. Configure your phone (Menu → Mobile Internet → APN):


User name: leave blank

Password: leave blank

3. Turn on data roaming on your phone. To do this, select “General” → “Network” in the “Settings” menu and enable “Data Roaming”.

Important! When connecting GPRS, we recommend that you pay attention to the telecoms operator, to which the SIM card is currently connected. Tariffs for data transmission may vary significantly within one country.

>> “Finding the Location of your SIM Cards” service

A description of this service is available in a separate detailed instruction.

Using the Phone's Phonebook

To use the phonebook of your mobile phone, you need to have the contacts recorded in the following format:

00 (or +) – country code – town/city code (if it is used for calls) – phone number.

The Validity Period of the SIM Card

SIM card is valid for 12 months from the date of last top up, call or any other operation with SIM card (for example, balance checking).

Personal Cabinet

The Personal Cabinet is found on the site

The following options are available in the Personal Cabinet:

· to top up the balance of the SIM card;

· to check the balance;

· to view statistics on the use of the SIM card: call history, SMS and GPRS sessions.


Current tariffs for communication services are available on the site


The information provided in this user's guide book is for guidance only and is subject to change without prior notice. Exceptions to this rule can be described in the contract between the Parties, if any.