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XOmobile is a simple and convenient mobile app to make cheap worldwide phone calls via the Internet with HD voice quality. Download XOmobile and get free European number 3712 ***

Using the European phone number, you’ll enjoy the special low rates for outgoing calls to other European phone numbers. For your convenience, we display the rates and the balance right on the screen within the app. No need to browse an endless list of countries and rates. All you need to do is to start dialing the number.

Don’t keep paying your mobile carrier’s high rates for international calls! Switch to XOmobile easy-to-use app and save money on international call costs and roaming fees.


- Register without a SIM card, using only login and password

- No contracts. No personal data

- All incoming calls are free for you

- Prices on outgoing calls are much cheaper than the average

- Rates offered on the market

- See calling rate as long as you dial digits

- No hidden taxes and fees

- Excellent call quality

- Ad-free