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М2М – these are the technologies of machine-to-machine interactions, which allow the electronic devices to exchange information or sending one-way messages. The simplest example is banking terminals and ATMs used for the GSM network communication, through which the information is transferred.

Thanks to М2М solutions, the work efficiency and speed is considerably increased. The basic directions, in which such solutions are used: payment and POS systems, security and safety, automation of resource registration, control and monitoring of transport and cargos, as well as GSM modules in the automotive sector.

М2М technologies are increasingly in demand and they are rapidly gaining new markets. Through innovative solutions, opportunities appear to develop areas which were previously considered hopeless due to high costs. Technologies are the key to a successful business!

М2М technologies are more in demand and they rapidly conquer new markets. Thanks to the innovative solutions chances are made allowing the development in directions which were earlier considered unpromising due to high costs. Technologies are the guarantee of a successful business!


SIM tracking is the most popular service in the sectors connected with transport and freighting, where monitoring and control are an integral, and sometimes mandatory, conditions for the conclusion of contracts.

Determination of the location of mobile employees or transport considerably helps when generating a schedule of employees’ occupancy. The company’s managers need just to enter the system to learn about the precise location of the subscribers to plan new routes or adjust the existing routes.

The service of SIM tracking allows not only tracking the actual location, but also the route history. The system offers wide opportunities for use within the company – both for report making and for data presentation to customers who can track the transport in real-time.

A result, SIM tracking means the increase of the employees’ discipline and they have no chance to spend their working time and the company’s resources to address their private issues. Thus, the capacity for work is considerably increased and the company’s costs are reduced.